10 Things to know about my style


1. documentary

You want to remember your day as it unfolds. Authentic moments often hold great value but documenting isn’t just about capturing the obvious stuff like walking down the aisle or cutting of the cake. All the stuff and tiny interactions between count just as much. I am constantly on my toes anticipating these moments!


2. relationships

Knowing all the quirks and unique qualities of your relationship with each other as well your closest guests is really important in my work. It’s always about the people and I want this to show through in your pictures. Basically your nearest and dearest are a BIG DEAL to me. I will hunt them down and make sure they’re in the pictures!


3. all the joy

Joy and belly laughs are a big theme in my work. I want these amazing highlights to be burnt into your brains. I want you to remember how much of an amazing day you and all your guests had celebrating you.


4. unobtrusive

I can shout very loud but I prefer to work quietly in the background. I mean, there won’t be bush-hiding but I do my best not to get up into your grill.


5. crazy fun

You’re especially looking forward to the partying bit right? I LOVE THIS PART OF THE DAY!


6. emotion

Weddings are often emotionally charged days which is one of the reasons why I love them. I love to capture emotion on special days like this as it’s not everyday people show this outpouring of love with a camera nearby.


7. humour

Because it’s awesome to look back at your day and have funny stories to tell.


8. group shots

Group shots don’t feature much in my portfolio but it doesn’t mean they’re not important. In fact I think they are important because they often hold long term sentimental value so I always like to make an extra effort with them. Saying that, I do NOT want your day to feel like a photo shoot and will execute these with speed so you can get back to the party!


9. character

I love photos that truly portray genuine character. I want you to recognise yourselves as well as your guests rather than making people pose. I want people to just be themselves.


10. setting the scene

This is a common theme in my work too. I will often try to capture the whole picture so you can reflect not just on moments but the whole room or venue.

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